How do you say “thank you”?

In philanthropy, it’s easy to get caught in the asking mindset. You begin to look at the year as a series of campaigns and strategically craft just the right message to just the right audience. And while I’ll be the first one to applaud a well-thought out annual development plan, I want caution that failing toContinue reading “How do you say “thank you”?”

Going from Manager to Solopreneur, and figuring out “What’s Missing?”

For many young professionals who are working on advancing their careers, becoming a manager feels like a very notable step on the stairway to success. Oftentimes, this level of promotion acknowledges that you have mastered the day-to-day tasks of your role, you show promise on looking ahead and building readiness plans, and you understand theContinue reading “Going from Manager to Solopreneur, and figuring out “What’s Missing?””

Lunch Served with Swear Words and Sunday Predictions

I’ve seen my fair share of events. During my tenure at LIVESTRONG, we were fortunate to produce events around the globe. They ran the length of the athletic spectrum and also included events more programmatic in nature like summits, cocktail receptions, galas, and even a startup incubator. In recent years, the competition in the eventContinue reading “Lunch Served with Swear Words and Sunday Predictions”

5 Things I Didn’t Learn from My M.B.A.

Disclaimer: This article isn’t intended to diminish what I learned at the University of New Haven. They provided me with a great education which has been the springboard for a series of career opportunities. I decided to get my advanced degree at the ripe old age of 23. I left undergrad, changed campuses, and bought moreContinue reading “5 Things I Didn’t Learn from My M.B.A.”

Research is easy. Change isn’t.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been spending a considerable amount of time researching event trends both in the for-profit and non-profit space. It isn’t unusual to be in research phase, as we head toward 2017 planning season, but the difference this year for me, is my ability to be more objective about what informationContinue reading “Research is easy. Change isn’t.”

Trust is a powerful thing.

The most recent TED Radio Hour podcast (though it is a re-run), on the NPR app, called Trust and Consequences really struck a chord with me. If you’ve ever been on a team that went from winning to falling short day after day, then you’ve probably questioned “what happened?”. It is not uncommon for teamContinue reading “Trust is a powerful thing.”

Do You Create New Beginnings or Smooth Transitions?

I’m starting a project with a new client. I’m getting to know her team. I’m drafting project briefs and timelines. I’m outlining goals, getting buy-in, asking about potential roadblocks, and generally enjoying the opportunity to bring fresh eyes to a project. It got me thinking about the morale boost that exists at the start ofContinue reading “Do You Create New Beginnings or Smooth Transitions?”