Clients – New Revenue + Event Production

At Small Wins, our mission is to act as spark plug in non-profit settings. Many times, we are called-in by clients who are the visionaries of their organization. Because of their keen self-awareness (or perhaps a staff survey), they know they shine at coming up with the next BIG IDEA but need a team of experienced doers to take it from concept into vetted action plan.

We LOVE that job! We have over a decade’s worth of experience taking big ideas and transforming them into actionable programs that get results! In these types of projects, we know our job is to wear ALL THE HATS – critical interviewer, compassionate people manager, eager supporter, detailed project manager, mindful marketer, and keen evaluator.

We believe our most powerful contributions create opportunities for impactful results. If you have an idea that needs a plan, an event without a developer, or a program in need of an audit, let’s talk!

Project focus: Event scalability and modeling
Pelotonia has established a strong regional and growing national reputation for their annual bike ride in Ohio, aptly named Pelotonia. In response to a growing demand for satellite ride locations, Pelotonia wants to invest in building a comprehensive event manual which can be sold to potential partners and facilitate their event replication. The goal of this engagement was to develop the Pelotonia Event Manual and Toolbox. Learn more about this team with ONE GOAL at

AMR headshot (5)CATCH Global Foundation (CGF)
Project focus: fundraising feasibility assessment
The landmark program of the CATCH Global Foundation serves more than 10,000 children in schools across the U.S. by enabling them to identify healthy foods, and by increasing the amount of moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) children engage in each day. As the program has grown and more schools are looking to sustain their programming, CGF engaged Small Wins to conduct a fundraising feasibility assessment which would help them accurately evaluate whether an in-school fundraising model was feasible, what format would be most impactful to schools, what level of fundraising is possible at community sites and whether the organization should make an investment in Phase 2 to pilot a fundraising model.

AMR headshot

Rock the Road (RTRX)
Project focus: event feasibility and development
Small Wins partnered with Rockbridge, Pelotonia, and The Columbus Partnership to support the transition of an event into its own unique entity, while adding strategic and operational bandwidth as the new organization was built out. During our engagement, Small Wins helped RTRX by conducting a 45-day event audit, building organizational models, developing a Staff transition plan, and participating in a 2-day strategic planning retreat to help clarify vision, mission, and goals over the next 2 years. Follow RTRX’s progress here!


Spintensity 200
Project focus: event feasibility and development
AACR came to Small Wins with an idea for launching a new fundraising event but without a defined path of how to determine whether their idea was viable. Over the course of 2015, AnneMarie worked with AACR to build Spintensity’s business model to align with the required organizational return. She also acted as a strategic advisor on developing their go-to market timeline, provided feedback on leveraging technology to support their goals, and offered guidance on putting a team in place to successfully execute the event. You can learn more about AACR’s newest event at

3Umbel’s Data Discoveries (& Disco)
Project focus: event development + production
To kick-off the 2016 SXSWi week, Umbel hosted a series of thought leadership panels at the iconic ACL Live at the Moody Theater. With speakers coming from IBM, Johnson & Johnson, AEG Live, Theory, and Rag&Bone (among many more), attendees heard from experts who used big data to influence their industry and drive results. That evening, Umbel dropped the formalities and hosted a #DataDisco, featuring Bloc Party.



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