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At Small Wins, our mission is to act as spark plug in non-profit settings. Many times, we meet clients in one of two positions: they have an idea for a fundraising program but don’t know how to start or they have a fundraising program which is underperforming and don’t know how to assess or address its shortfalls.

In both instances, it is important to us that we do a quick but thorough discovery meeting to understand goals, expectations, shortcomings, and performance metrics about the program under discussion. From there, we work with each organization to provide a thorough review on our findings, discuss potential solutions to improve performance and develop/implement the tactics in order to get (re)started.

We believe our most powerful contributions create opportunities for impactful results. If you prefer robust timelines, developed ideas, and pre-identified evaluation measures, let’s talk!

amr-headshot-1-e1514579492764.pngChris Long Foundation
Project focus: operational system planning + development, revenue program development, campaign design + management, event support
The primary initiative of the Chris Long Foundation is Waterboys, an innovative player led initiative started by NFL defensive end Chris Long in 2015 that brings players from around the league and their fan bases together to raise money and provide awareness for clean water through social media, events and awareness campaigns. Waterboys sought out the help of Small Wins in an effort to formalize their development structure and processes and create scalable, national development campaigns. In just two years, Small Wins has helped Waterboys raise over $2.5M and fund 53 wells, and expand into the NBA with their newest program, Hoops2o.

AMR headshot

Athletes for Hope (AFH)
Project focus: program development and management
Athletes for Hope (AFH) was looking to identify and engage the next generation of professional athletes across the MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL, NHL, NWSL, WNBA, and the Olympic and Paralympic movements to advance sport philanthropy. With our sights set on delivering impact in the most collaborative and cost-effective way possible, we hosted a video conference call with over 20 athlete-influencers to share learnings on social movements and secure feedback on how they would like to maximize their collective philanthropic impact. We continued to grow and engage this group throughout the rest of the calendar year along a philanthropy pathway where the athletes were in the drivers seats to determine what other organization’s to partner with and how to move the needle on today’s most pressing issues.


Autism Speaks/TEAM UP
Project focus: Donor analytics, revenue analysis, development planning
Autism Speaks was experiencing a slowing in their Team Up endurance event portfolio and hired AnneMarie to attend their 2017 strategic kick-off meeting. Prior to the meeting, Autism Speaks shared historical data and event summaries. With this additional level of detail, AnneMarie was able to uncover and present thoughtful analysis, trends, and discussion questions which supported an innovative and idea-generating discussion on where and how to prioritize financial and human resources. Support TeamUp at

icons-2Ann Richards School Foundation
Project focus: recruitment strategy, donor stewardship tool development + implementation
The Ann Richards School Foundation (ARSF) raises funds and forms community partnerships to advance education, empower young women and create opportunities for girls who may otherwise be held back from achieving their full potential. ARSF and Small Wins have worked together on a number of projects including a detailed internal and external tour recruitment strategy, the development and implementation of a Welcome Series, and a donor identification and engagement campaign spanning an entire year. You can support our girls at

AMR headshot (3)Generation Serve
Project focus: leadership coaching, strategic planning retreat
Generation Serve is a fast growing non-profit in the Austin community. After bringing on their first Development Director, they hired Small Wins to help support her professional growth and provide her valuable fundraising feedback and discussion. The partnership resulted in a highly organized and measure EOY campaign and an innovative new Welcome Series. This relationship expanded into organization-wide support when Small Wins was contracted to co-develop a retreat for Board and Staff to plan for 2019 (and beyond)!


Strategic & Operational Planning + Retreat Development & Meeting Facilitation +
New Revenue + Event Production

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