Meet AnneMarie Schindler, MBA


Founder | Lead Consultant | Strategy and Operational Expert

Measured. Collaborative. Effective.

Hi, I'm AnneMarie!

As an M.B.A,  an entrepreneur, and a constituent-focused professional, I understand that every situation is unique.

It's why a crucial part of my process is to collaboratively work with my clients to spark thoughtful, intentional, and informed actions that deliver results.

During our time together, I'll become an extension of your team to unearth solutions that will prioritize small wins, increase internal effectiveness, and grow your impact on your communities.

From developing creative fundraising initiative for NBA athletes to establishing major gift programs to building international programs, you can trust that you'll have an experienced and results-driven member on your team!


Through open collaboration, honest discussion, and researched strategies, I promise to deliver the results your organization needs. I also aim to empower you as a leader, encourage your team, and increase your community impact.

My Promise

My focus is to create small wins as part of a positive, encouraging, and supportive experience that has a lasting impact on both your colleagues and your communities.

My Strategy

Act as the spark plug your organization needs to create a thriving business from the inside out.

My Mission

I'm here to provide a fresh perspective to teams that are overwhelmed with wearing all the hats.

As a leader, you embrace growth and change to make a greater impact in your communities — and to achieve long-lasting success, you know it's time to reevaluate your strategic structure and resource management. But because your team and your constituents require your full attention, you’ve found yourself using old tactics to get the same results.

It’s not like you lack the talent, capabilities, or even knowledge in strategic development. It simply boils down to not having the time, capacity, or personnel to help you brainstorm innovative ideas so you can achieve your desired impact.



Clients I've worked with:

Small Wins
Consulting Promises


Results now & later

Mapping out your goals and creating a clear action plan is key to your success (and my area of expertise!) – but I’ll also set you up for the future by providing all the materials and education you need to keep on crushing it after our time together.

Entrusting the future of your business to a stranger isn’t easy. My first priority is to build trust so that we are both confident during our journey together. I like to think of myself as more than just a consultant — I’m also a passionate team member and your biggest supporter!

Customized solutions

As much as I enjoy diving headfirst into analytics, my true passion is getting to know my clients and the stories that define their organizations. By treating you as an individual (and not living by a templated framework), I’m able to deliver intentional, purposeful solutions.

Team YOU